San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice
Corrie Killingsworth

Corrie Killingsworth
RN, FNP student



Family, Adult, Pediatric, Women's Health

About the preceptor Corrie is looking for:

Located near Bradenton, FL.

I am a student at Chamberlain College of Nursing, FNP track. I need preceptors starting the end of October, 2019-August 2020. Each session is 8 weeks, 125 hours. I need 5 sessions in all--one Pediatrics rotation, one Women's Health rotation, can do one Urgent Care rotation, up to 4 rotations of Internal Medicine, or I can do all 5 sessions in Family Practice if there are enough Pediatric patients. I have been a RN since 2001 working mostly in Oncology. I live in Bradenton but am willing to travel some. Thank you so much for your consideration!!!