San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice

Additional resources from June 2022 SACNAP Meeting

Posted 8 months ago by Frankie Sewell

Thank you so much for allowing me to present at your meeting last night.  I really hope you found it informative. 
Empower- Natera's Hereditary Cancer Test- Have been partnering with Shannon Imaging Center since October 2021.  Melissa Ramos/ Natera/Penrad hosted a National Call last week discussing Shannon Clinic's high-risk breast program as well as her experience with Natera.  She also wanted me to let your members know that if you have questions on how to implement screening or want to be screened to please reach out to her at the Shannon Imaging Center.  Please see the video link below, putting Shannon Clinic on the NATIONAL map woohoooo!
I also attached a "highlight" reel of Why Empower......biggest news is our EMR integration with Shannon's epic emr, go live was 6/1/2022 FYI
GMA- Signatera- Personalized Tumor Informed MRD Testing that can answer 3 things: Is treatment working? Did you get it all during surgery? Is recurrence happening?
This is ground breaking technology, and thought it would be awesome to share with everyone!
Please let me know if anyone has any questions or how I can help :) or at future meetings
Thank you again,