San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice

August SACNAP Meeting minutes

Posted 8 months ago by Kathe Conner

Sacnap Member Meeting

San Angelo Country Club


Present member: Toby Redden, Cindy Sanchez, Frankie Sewell, Donna Ford, Toyha Harper, Kathe Conner, Tresea Jeter, Jerrie Smithwick, John Chavez, Chris Stallard, Tammie Robinson, Juanita Martin.

Toyha Harper called the meeting to order at 6:12pm.

There were no July minutes to review as it was the community project: Toby Redden summarized event.

  • Homeless Shelter Cookout took place on July 14th, it was very successful.
  • Toby and Jerrie bought groceries at SAMs totally roughly $178.00. SAMs did provide a $25.00 donation to our bill. We hope to notify SAMs prior to our next big event to partner with them for monetary support.
  • Served 80 hamburger and 90 hotdog approximately 65-80 residence we in attendance.
  • Every 3 months the homeless shelter has a bigger event and many other local organization are invite to come and share and educate the residence (DM coalition, Medicaid, Howard College ect…)
  • Chris and Jerrie present the idea of having a cleanup day at the homeless shelter that also includes an ice social following the cleanup: No vote idea was tabled at this time.

Old Business:

1.New Board members effective September 1st 2018 for a 2 year term.

  • Chris Stallard will move from president elect to president.
  • Debbie Sosolik FNP president elect
  • Michelle Chinn-treasurer
  • Frankie Sewell-webmast

Current treasurer Jerrie Smithwick and oncoming treasurer Michelle Chinn will need to go to the bank together to remove Jerrie’s name and get add Michelle’s name.

New Business

  1. Treasurer report: presented by Jerrie Smithwick, current balance as of 8/16/18 was $3814.54.
    • $400.00-earmarked for scholarship
  • have paid taxes, TNP renewal, post office, and all associated fees.


2.Fall Conference will be held on October 13th at Shannon Legacy  I and II.

  • Max of 90 attendees. No charge for the room.
  • Food will be from Shannon; breakfast will be breakfast sandwich, fruit tray, juice, coffee and water and lunch will be a brown bag lunch.
  • Will be able to offer 8 hours of CMEs.
    • The confirmed topics will be Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethic (2 hr); Lisa Hill, Shannon legal representative and John Canion FNP.
    • John Canion will also speak on Xray interpretation/
    • Older Adult and Geriatric Care: Dr. Nussey will speak on dementia.
    • Maegin Carlilie NP will speak on care general for an older adult/geriatric.
    • Shay Neal will present on COPD.
    • Controlled Substance: DEA (Toyha received phone call today that they are processing the request-does not foresee any conflicts).

-We hope that each presenter will have a little information related to pharmaoctherpaeutics to increase the pharm CMEs.

  • Cost will be $95/attendee, $50/student and $140 for conference +1year SACNAP membership fee.
  1. To help boost membership (active) will display donated spa gift from Secret Vineyard Spa (that Chris Stallard was able to secure) and have a draw for the winner at the October 18th members meeting.
  • Will be open to new and active members.

4.Discussion was held on how to increase ASU student membership and active membership.

  • Multiple members voiced recommendations/idea for promoting membership.
  • Hang flyer at ASU for advanced practice student to attend our meetings.
  1. SACNAP website: Post discounts that are associated with membership.
  2. Scholarship Award Process
  • Criteria must be an active SACNAP member and pursuing an advanced degree in nursing) link currently posted on the SACNAP website.
  • Applicants will need 3 letters of recommendation+ letter of intent.
  • Need 3 members from SACNAP to form a committee to review applicants and vote on the winner: No volunteers at this time-tabled for next meeting.

Upcoming Meeting

September 20th sponsored by AstraZeneca: Riverview Terrace

October 18th: American Home Patient: Location TBA

November 15th: Angelo MRI: Location TBA

-Dr Brown would like to speak on Lynx procedure

-Juanita was contacted by possible speaker for Enlyte to help increase folate to address mental health disorder.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Frankie Sewell 2nd my Juanita Martin


Chris Stallard FNP presented on sleep health.




Toby Redden FNP-C

SACNAP secretary