San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice

April SACNAP Meeting minutes

Posted 8 months ago by Kathe Conner

April 19th 2018

River View

SACNAP Members Meeting

Meeting was called order at 6:05p.m. Toyha Harper-President. (See sign in sheet for present members and guest).

  • Reviewed minutes from March meeting: Approved by Kathe Conner, 2nd by Jerrie Smithwick.
  • Nominations and Election for board member will be in May.
    • Reviewed roles of positions that are up for re-election (president elect and webmaster)
      • Michelle Chinn-self nominated for Treasurer in March 2018.
      • Jerrie Smithwick nominated Frankie Sewell, seconded by Toyha Harper for webmaster: Frankie accepts nomination of webmaster.
    • New officers will resume position in September 2018.
  • Treasure report was presented by Jerrie Smithwick : $ 4,163.49
      • -$200.00 for AANP dues: check has not cleared.
      • -$295.00 for tax filing fee with Mollie Cullinane: not cleared:
          • updated from incorrect amount of $95 to $295.00.
      • +80.00 (2 member fee that were collected in person): not cleared.
    • Currently have $400 earmarked for scholarship-have goals of 2 $500 scholarships.

New Business

  • Fundraiser
    • Toyha Harper made contact with Wine Tasting at Brix Winery on Concho
      • Ticket will sell for $15 each SACNAP will keep $10 for each ticket sold.
      • June 8th 2018 target date.
  • Fall conference: Date is set for October 13th 2018
  • Volunteers for planning committee are: Kathe Conner, Toyha Harper, Toby Redden, Chris Stallard and Juanita Martin. (First meeting was held prior)
  • Would like NPs to speak at conference
    • Current topics that we plan to address are:
      • Nursing Jurisprudence and Nursing Ethic (2 hrs.)
      • Older Adult and Geriatric Care (2 hrs.)
      • Forensic Evidence Collection
      • Pharmoctherapeutics (5hrs.)
      • Controlled Substance (3 hrs.)
  • Upcoming Meeting
    • May 3: Dr. Jastrow speaking on sleeve gastrectomy sponsored by Ethicon at River View
    • May 17: Lisa Curry speaking on Cosmetics/Dermatology/Independent Practice at Raw
    • June 21st: Luncheon sponsored by Interim Hospice speaking on hospice care. Location TBA
    • July 14th: Cookout for Homeless
    • August: Sponsored by Janssen
    • September: Sponsored by AstraZeneca
  • Motion to adjourned was called by Chris Stallard 2nd by Toby Redden


Carolyn Telford, Pharm D. spoke on Two Treatment Options to Help Address the Multiple Defects of Type 2 Diabetes. Sponsored by AstraZeneca



Toby Redden FNP-C