San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice

February SACNAP meeting minutes

Posted 8 months ago by Kathe Conner

SACNAP Members Meeting Minutes

February 15 2018

San Angelo Country Club


Meeting was called to order by Toyha Harper at 6:10pm, with 8 members and 1 student present.

Old Business:

  1. Treasures reports presented by Toyha Harper on behalf of Jerrie Smithwick was $3999.91.
    1. $400.00-marked for scholarship.
  2. Reviewed possible conference topics: Toyha recommends Ethics to meet the board’s requirements. Toby Redden recommends pharmacology hours.
  3. Discussed new board members openings and terms.
    1. New board members take over in September.
    2. Nominations will be taken now through May-then there will be a vote in May
    3. Open board positions will be President elect, Webmaster and Treasurer.
    4. President elect job duties include: scheduling meeting and filling president roles when absent.
      1. President job duties include: leading meetings and ensures that organization meeting nonprofit requirements (such as provides educational opportunities/scholarships/ and volunteer work).
    5. Webmaster: responsible for maintaining SACNAP website: post meeting dates and locations and ensures membership is current.
    6. Treasurer: Keep accurate records, makes payment and purchases on behalf of SACNAP.
      1. Michelle Chinn was self-nominated for Treasurer.

New Business:

  1. Upcoming meeting: March 22nd Eliquis sponsoring a dinner and teleconference

April 19th Johnson and Johnson rep,  Dr. Jastrow  speaking on gastric sleeve.

May 17th Lisa Curry FNP with Waterford speaking on owning your own business at Raw.

June 21 Sponsored event or fundraiser.

July 19th Cook-out for Homeless (hotdog and hamburger).

August 16th Sponsored Event Jansen.

September 20th Sponsored Event AZ.

  1. Fund Raiser idea: Toby suggest a cookie decorating class will follow-up with more information at next meeting. Other suggestions were a raffle, wine tasting, or painting class.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 6:20pm by Toby seconded by Chris Stallard.

Meeting was followed by presentation from Chris Stallard FNP on Hepatitis B management.


Toby Redden FNP-C