San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice

April Meeting Minutes

Posted almost 2 years ago by Kathe Conner


                                                SACNAP MEETING

                                  April 20, 2017

                                                   River View Restaurant


The regularly scheduled membership meeting was called to order by Pam Darby, President, at 6 pm. There were 17 members and students present.


Treasurer report was give by Jerrie Smithwick, Treasurer. She reported a current balance of $3,330.02.  With a check for $ 500.00  presented during meeting for scholarship student, and $ 150.00 check for tax preparation, the remaining balance will be $ 2, 680.02. 



The scholarship check for $ 500.00 was presented to recipient, Frankie Sewell, FNP student, by President Darby.



Nominations were opened for expiring positions of President-Elect and Secretary. Chris Stallard agreed to President-Elect position and Toby Redden accepted nomination for Secretary.  Election will be held at May meeting.


Pam Darby reported that at the recent Board meeting, it was decided that in lieu of a SACNAP-sponsored symposium, that we present an educational program, to be held on October 21st..  This will be the first of the John Preston Darby, MD, Memorial Educational Series, in honor of Pam's late husband.  She has already found the speakers to include Lt. General and Surgeon,  PK Carlton,MD,  who recently spoke for the Trauma Symposium and was well-received.  He actually had met Dr. Darby, and has agreed to come for this program at no charge. Trish Vanover will have Community sponsor the seven CEU's for this program, and will be held in the Community conference rooms.  The recommended cost to register will be $ 70.00. 


Volunteer activities were discussed, such as Adopt a Highway, and also to provide another meal for the Salvation Army.  We could  possibly cook hot dogs under the bridge for 4th of July.  We can bring toiletries to each meeting donatation to the Salvation Army.  Chris Stallard said he can obtain some toiletries from Ethicon/J&J.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm. The membership enjoyed an informative presentation on SGLT-2 inhibitors by Dr. Carl Dukes, endocrinologist/nephrologist from San Antonio.  This was sponsored by Astra Zenica.


Respectively submitted,



Lee Carlisle, RN,MSN, FNP-C.